Friday, October 16, 2015

We Have Landed in Texas

We're on the move.  We left the Sandia Casino parking lot in Albuquerque on monday morning after waking up to a notice on our windshield telling us to GET OUT.  Everyone who hadn't left by sunday night got a notice.  A few days before that we had thought we'd stay there a bit longer and wait for some mail to catch up with us but by sunday morning we had decided that we didn't need that mail and we were wanting to start on our eastern trek so getting that note was the motivation we needed to get in gear and go.  We drove on i40 east for 4 hours.  Ugg we hate freeways but it helped us get to Texas faster.  We spent a night in Tucumari, NM and then took a secondary highway south east to Palo Duro Canyon state park, TX.  We paid for two nights at Palo Duro but the bugs were so bad that we left the next day and went to another state park, Copper Breaks where the bugs weren't as bad. We spent one night there and the next day went to a small city rv park in Wichita Falls, Texas, which was very noisy and bright, lots of street lights and that park backed up to a freeway.  So when we got up we drove to Arrowhead Lake State Park, where we will stay put for a couple of days.

When you leave one state and enter another one on a 
secondary highway this is all the welcome you get.

The land of cotton.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park
Palo Duro

Palo Duro
The Red River which marks the border between 
Oklahoma and Texas.

We took a short detour to see the Red River.  Many songs have been written about the Red River(there are several Red Rivers) so wanted to see this one.  Then continued driving in Oklahoma for about an hour parallel to the river and to an interstate highway down to Wichita Falls, TX.  

We will hang around this area for a few days and then keep going east for a few more hours, then south for several hours(not all on the same day).  Our goal is Livingston, TX, where the Escapee RV club has their headquarters.  We plan on staying there a few days to have some work done on the rv. My back-up camera hasn't been working for months and I hope to get it fixed or replaced.  Without the camera working, when driving, I don't know what the Honda is doing.  I have to rely on shadows to see if it is still behind us.  Not always a reliable system.  Also it is easier to back up when I can see behind the rv.

See you all soon.

Evie and Joy 

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  1. Take heed of these words.....get the hell out of texas.
    Dem folks be nuts.

    If your travels take you on the route I suspect, you have left all semblance of civilization behind.

    Let me know if you are heading for the Ozarks in Arkansas. I know some good people up there.

    Even though I think the WalMart walton family are Satan's minions, rather than pay workers a living wage with sensible work schedules or giving money to charities, the daughter of the clan has built a world class museum tucked away up in Bentonville as an edifice to herself.
    From there one can easily and quickly venture to Branson, Mo to see all the faded stars with their own theaters/shows.

    Also let me know if you are traveling through Nashville. I know a few outstanding places to see.

    If you are traveling straight through Louisiana (New Orleans is a must see place to go), Alabama and Mississippi to get to Florida, you two must suspend all sense of reality and decency. None to be found on that whole adventure.

    Been there, done the hell out.