Thursday, December 25, 2014

Baby Steps

We're taking baby steps, one at a time.

One trip to the dump. Check

Take all recycle off to center, and organize left overs for yard sale.  Check

Bags of shredded paperwork ready to go to recycle.  Check

Everything left in living room is for sale.  Check

Mean while my friend and I have finished the new floor in the motorhome.
Still haven't moved moms bed and chair back in but will do that next week.  Check

Also took out bed over cab area and put in a piece of plywood covered with canvas painters cloth.
That added more storage room. Check

These last three pictures are what I'm leaving behind. 

Early morning fog on my mountain.

Early morning sun through the oaks.

Rudolph taking a break under my apple tree.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas.

Evie and Joy

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Undertaking a Project Like This Isn't for the Faint of Heart

I'm continuing to sort through all my things.  Busy shredding personal papers and taking that and other stuff to the dump.  Today I did the dinning room.  I just went from cupboard to cupboard looking at the things and saying good by to my treasures.  I'm not keeping any of those things.  

Full moon.

The next closet I need to tackle.

Pile and piles.

Yard sale stuff.  See empty shed?  A friend will take away the 6 bags of plastic recycle things.

More yard sale stuff in almost empty shed.  

Dump pile.

I think I may have neglected to mention that when we got home I ripped out the flooring in the motorhome.  I thought there was a water leak because there was a growing soft spot in the floor.  The good news is that there is no water leak.  The soft spot is caused by the plywood sub flooring joint not being over a floor joist.  The joint is just floating over nothing.  So when I step on it,  it moves/sinks.  So my handyman and I have been working on that little project too.  Except it hasn't stopped raining since we ripped the floor out so the putting it back together part is taking a really long time.  This is causing things that need to go into the rv to pill up all over the house.

Another layer of plywood goes on before the new flooring.  Yes, that is finished plywood.  I was just going to put that down and paint it but now have decided to put down Allure flooring.
That black hole is where the coach batteries are. 

Going to leave the carpet on the slide floor.  The slide is "in" on this picture.

Stay tune.

Evie and Joy

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sorting and More Sorting

An update on out progress.  We have decided to NOT put anything in storage.  We are going to make a clean break of it and sort through everything, throwing away all personal things, for example pictures and that kind of stuff, and selling all the rest.  So in early Feb. we will have an estate sale inside the house and everything that doesn't sell will go to the local senior center thrift store.

We have piles everywhere.

Kitchen sideboard (printer on top) is empty.  Everything in those other cupboards is for sale.

It doesn't look like it but the office area is almost done.  Gave computer away.

The poor kitchen is catching all the overflow.

But look, the book case is almost empty of books, the rest of that stuff will stay for the sale.

So as you can see we are slowly making progress.  One step at a time, but this process feels GOOD.

Evie and Joy