Wednesday, October 7, 2015

2015 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

We got up at dawn to go see the balloons lift off.  We were on our way to the Sandia Casino to park in their lot to watch but stopped to get coffee at a gas station on the way and found that behind the station was a really good place to park and watch the goings on.  Clear view across the open field to the launch area.

This is just one little area, picture this repeated about a dozen times to the left and right.  

View of launch area from about a mile away.

We hadn't intended to go see the balloons, our plan was to sit outside our rv, 10 miles away from the launch area and wait for them to float towards us.  But last night I drove into the casino to have dinner with some friends and the energy and excitement there was so strong that I decided that today we should go on down.

Here's Camp Annie, in the Sandia Casino rv parking area(free).  
That's Lisa bbqing chicken and potatoes. 
Annette sitting on the left Annie in the middle and Connie on right. 

View of casino parking lot area D13.  I think there are about 100 rvs parked in here.  
The casino has a shuttle service running down to the launch area 
and security driving around too.  
Note storm raging in the background.  
And Annette checking the salmon and rice by her rv.

Even the big boys come out to play during the fiesta.

Be back soon.

Evie and Joy


  1. Fun! It looks like no one is keeping out of mischief, no matter how innocent they look in the pictures.

  2. More than I imagined.
    After seeing your wonderful and telling photos I simply must see all of those lifting off one of these years.
    It just looks so magical.
    Knowing the sound the burners make I would really enjoy being somewhere quiet enough to hear them all one by one maintaining their altitude.

    So glad you have collected gal pals nearly everywhere you two go.
    Wish I had been there to share in those yummy sounding meals.
    I know I would fit right into those conversations seeing as though a decent part of me is so girly.

    Are you keeping aware of any Pow Wows happening along your travels? There seem to be several annual gatherings in that big area. Each time I have witnessed such events I get overwhelmed with emotions. Thrilled to see the dancing and outfits while feeling so sad knowing how the natives were slaughtered both then and the slow death happening these days.

    Anywho.....keep on truckin' gals.