Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Angels Peak

After our trek to Chaco Canyon we went to Angels Peak.  It is off NM highway 550 south of Bloomfield.  From the highway you really can't see much and we wondered whether it was worth the effort as we were kind of tired from the 22 miles of dirt road we drove to get to Chaco.  But we thought yes we may as well take this turn off and go see Angels Peak.  Wow.  First of all this dirt road had just been graded as the oil companies use it to get to some wells out there.  I think we only drove about 5 miles to get to the end of this road where there is a BLM(Bureau of Land Management) campground with about 10 camping sites.  

This is Angel's Peak

Angel's Peak is to the right of this shot, at the end of this great canyon. 
 This canyon is really long.

If this had been a night time photo you could see the lights of Bloomfield 
way out there in the distance.

In the campground there are a couple of spaces where an rv could fit and get level and with the road being in really good condition it would be doable. And did I mention that it is a free cg.  We didn't stay there as were camping at Navajo Lake at the time but maybe some other time.  

Here our sweet little Honda waits for us to get back from taking some pictures.

All the pictures I've posted lately have been taken with my iPhone.  Last week I bought myself a Kindle Fire and have taken some great sunset pictures.  I must say the Fire takes better pictures than the iPhone so will start using the Fire for awhile, maybe.

Two sunsets over Abiquiu Lake

See you in a few days.


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