Thursday, January 19, 2017

Well Maybe We Should Have Replaced the Battery Too

Lesson learned, next time do the whole enchilada, alternator AND battery.

I had to walk about a mile to go flag down the tow truck driver.  Finding someone out here isn't easy.

This is why we carry towing with two different companies.  With AAA we have the Premier Towing and the other is with Geico where I have both the rv and Honda insured.  Your three towings a year with AAA can go fast if you are having ongoing problems. 

We are once again parked in front of Diesel Automotive, who have been so nice to me, and tomorrow we will be leaving the Yuma area headed to Casa Grande.

See you down the road.

Evie and Joy

How this lettuce field looked a couple of weeks ago.

How it looks now.  Fresh lettuce growing in the sunny weather.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Maintenance, Repairs and Changes

Well it's been a busy two months for us in Yuma.  We've had a lot of maintenance and repairs done to both the rv and the Honda.  Let's start with the Honda.  The air conditioning system went out and that took our new found auto mechanics two days to replace all parts and get it up and running again as good as new.  Two days because the parts store sent the wrong parts over the first time.  Oh well, that happened at the same time we were having the rv painted.  I found this great rv repair and paint shop that would loan us his rv to hang out in during the day and at night they would pull ours out of the shop for us to sleep in and in the morning we'd move back into his Bounder while they worked on ours.  We did that for four days then we had to go to a motel while our rv was actually getting painted.  One of those days we were out driving when the alternator went out on the Honda.  We were headed up to Quartzsite and were only about 8 miles past the VFW on highway 95 when the first symptom occurred, that being the battery light lit up on the dash.  I didn't know what that was about so I drove another two miles before I decided maybe we should turn around and head back into town. Soon after turning around all dash lights and gages went out, it is very strange driving without any gages telling you what's going on, not even the speedometer. We were able to make it to within a mile of the VFW when I lost all power.  I was able to coast to a wide spot beside the road where we called for a tow truck and I called my new favorite mechanics to tell them we once again were on our way in.  Again the repairs took two days because the parts house sent bad parts, and the repair guys didn't charge me for that extra time.  And they ran me back and forth to the motel one time and rv paint shop the other.  Carlos and Jr. are the best.

Off loading at Diesel Automotive

This is the card for the repair shop, Carlos and his son Jr.  Their business specializes in diesel but they can and will do anything.  They build dune buggies and all sorts of things, they can do all types of repairs.

Let's move on to the rv painting project shall we.

Here are the guys washing the rv after they stripped all remaining decals
 and after sanding it as well

This was our loaner rv that we hung out in during the day.

First glimpse of our new paint.  Look we have strips at the top too.

Checking tire pressure for me.
 Notice new weather station on roof and window awnings.

Also had the roof coated.

And these guys even cut my new rubber mat into 4 one foot wide strips
to put under my leveling jacks feet to keep them from sinking into the sand.

Chris went above and beyond for us, cutting down a 10 day job to 6,
to make it easier on mom.

We also had our slide fixed, as it hadn't been going out all the way.  That was my fault, when I removed the carpet the transition strip of metal that I put down came un nailed and that allowed the carpet to get bunched up under the slide.  All fixed now.  And also a new water pump installed along with a new ano rod in the hot water heater.  And last but not least, we had window awnings installed and the big awning removed.  Just a bunch of things that needed to be done.  It sounds like a lot but this is our home and all homes need to be maintained.

We're in San Diego for one night to get mail from darling daughter then tomorrow we will head back to the desert, spending some time around Ajo, AZ.

Evie and Joy

Sunset from hotel window.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bits and Pieces

Some things you see while driving around in the desert.

It just needs a new roof.

Look out for those UXB's
(unexploded bombs)

Jump down turn around pick a bale of cotton


Yes, it does rain in the desert

See that rv way back there?  That's our friend Bette
who we first met three years ago at Eagles Nest Lake, NM.
She came out here west of Yuma for a few days.

And so did our friend Chris.

I'll be back next week.

See you around.
Evie and Joy

This palm tree is wearing grass skirts.

Monday, December 12, 2016

We're Back at our Happy Place off Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, California

After spending several days at the Paradise Casino rv parking lot, in Yuma, we moved out off Ogilby Road where we spent most of last winter.  We usually don't mind spending time at Paradise because that casino is right in town and it makes it easy to do shopping and laundry and such, but saturday they started burning trash or something in a pit near the rv parking area and it got pretty stinky so it was time to leave.  We left Paradise around 4:30pm and raced the sun to get out into the desert before it set.  Phew, made it in time to take a few pictures.

Our closest neighbor

Not quite a full moon.

Gone gone gone 

Be back soon.

Evie and Joy

Monday, December 5, 2016

What We Did on our Thanksgiving Vacation

We went home to Northern California for 2 weeks at Thanksgiving time.  While there we opened our storage unit to see what we had kept when we down sized out of our house.  The first picture is when we first opened it up.  The second picture is what was left with after two weeks and 5 trips to the senior center with donations.

We rented a small uhaul trailer and moved what you see here to an even smaller storage unit in the Yuma area.  I had rented a unit before leaving Yuma and we left the car there in storage so we could tow the trailer back south with us.  The northern california unit was 5' x 10', now our things are in Yuma in a 4' x 8' storage closet.

And to keep the spirit of downsizing going I downsized my laptop computer.  I went from a 5 pound MacBook Pro to an under 3 pound MacBook and I love it.

The smaller lighter laptop is much easier to carry and move around, which I do a lot.

We're back in the Yuma area for a few days then back to the San Diego area to take storage things to my daughter, then back to Yuma to have a few things done to the rv and go to the dentist in Mexico. 

We've run into a couple of friends, Bette in her Winnebago and Beverly in her red Lazy Daze,  we haven't seen them since last winter in Quartzsite. Always nice to see friends along the way.

By for now.

Evie and Joy

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Many Miles Down the Road

I have no excuse for not blogging except I've been busy.  We've been on the road covering a lot of miles.  Right now we're in San Diego but more on that later.  Let me bring you up to date.

After we left Elephant Butte we headed south to Rockhound State Park just south of Deming, New Mexico.  While there DeDe and I drove south to a small border crossing where we crossed into Mexico and had lunch and did some shopping.

The only thing I bought was a pretty star, 
those dark spots are colored marbles.

Birdnest in cholla in Rockhound State Park. 

We left DeDe at Rockhound and we went on to Casa Grande working our way to San Diego.  But it was 103° the day we arrived so we only stayed one night and the next morning we did what we do best, went to higher ground, up to Payson, Arizona.  We stayed 5 cool days in Payson at a a National Forest campground only 1 mile from downtown.  The town of Payson is near the Mogollon Rim, a geologic feature that runs through the heart of Arizona. 

A bit of the Mogollon Rim.

From Payson we made our way to Yuma passing through Quartzsite, AZ.  Below is a photo of main street Quartzsite without any traffic.  In about a month Quartzsite will be flooded with its winter visitors numbering in the thousands.

While in Yuma DeDe caught up with us and we took her out to Mittry Lake to check it out.  Last year mom and I spent many days dry camping at this lake.  There has been a lot of work done out at the lake, lots of mowing and trimming.  Last year this area had reeds growing very tall, now you can see the water.

This year.

Last year.

We are now in San Diego cat sitting my daughter's cat, Willie, while she and boyfriend are on vacation in Cancun, Mexico.  Below is a picture of Willie taking a nap.  I took that picture using my new U-Snap Zoom lens, (click on the link to go to Amazon to see it)that clips onto my iPhone.

In about two weeks we will make our way to Northern California to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my cousin Bob and to see friends. 

Catch up with you later.
Evie and Joy

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day Trip to Monticello, New Mexico

You'll notice a new header picture.  That's the full moon rising over the rv with windows reflecting the setting sun.  Picture taken by DeDe.

We stayed four night at Elephant Butte Lake state park.  We met up with friend Christine and her cute dog Edna.  Here's a picture that DeDe took of the four of us.

l-r  Chris, Edna the dog, DeDe and me.

We drove out to the small town of Monticello, passing by the Elephant Butte airport.
Plane on display

Monticello has a little bit of everything, here's a building with ample parking.

And then there are the doors and gates.

We've left the lake and are at Rockhound State Park in southern New Mexico.  Tomorrow DeDe and I will drive south to have lunch at The Pink Store in Puerto Palomas, Mexico.

The view from my bedroom window.

See you around the bend.

Evie and Joy

One last picture.  When we bought our class C, in November 2013, it had about 28,000 miles.  Now look.