Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Finally Leaving Livingston, TX

After spending more than a week here we've learned something about ourselves.  Green is overrated. What helps things stay green here is the rain and humidity.  The humidity is bothering moms arthritis.  So we are leaving tomorrow headed back to the southwest.  We miss the dry desert and mountains.  

We sat here for two reasons. The first was to get some things done to the rv, a few got done others didn't get taken care of.  The back-up camera wasn't an easy fix so that has been moved farther down the list.  We also stayed here so some weather could move on past.  The remnants of hurricane Patricia came through this area.  Lucky for us we only got about 2-3" of rain where we were so it wasn't a problem for us but the rest of south Texas got pounded.  I'm happy to say that the sun is shining once again and tomorrow, Wednesday, we will be back on the road.  

Pretty flowering bush and banana tree with baby bananas.

See you later.

Evie and Joy


  1. Road life can be very seductive some times.

    Humidity? No thanks. I had all of that in my youth.....

    We ain't got no stinkin' rain.....two tenths.

    Do you have any idea where y'all will be landing for a while?

    Here are some interesting stops..... http://www.mytravelguideposts.com/2011/10/attractions-in-southwest-usa.html

    ....Ya gotta stop at all of these places.... http://www.roadsideamerica.com/ Just select your state and marvel at the oddities...

    Wish I had a banana tree. Such grand beauty.

    Carry on,

    1. Gman, Thank you for the ideas on things to see. Sorry you haven't had much rain, I could send you some from TX, I'm sure they would be willing to share.

  2. Yeah, green don't come cheap, and it don't come easy. I lived in green all over the place. Sometimes, it also costs miserable winters.

  3. Welcome back to the Southwest! Are you foregoing Florida?