Monday, October 12, 2015

Chaco Canyon Day Trip

Two weeks ago we took a day trip in the Honda to Chaco Culture National Historical Park.  

We had heard that the road going into the canyon isn't for the faint of heart, no kidding.  For the first 4 miles of the 22 miles from NM highway 550 there is pavement, ok good.  The rest is dirt, the first 10 miles of that are the best dirt road ever, drove that at about 40mph, then around a corner you go and the road conditions turn into the worst we've been on.  Our speed dropped to below idling, don't forget we're in the car, riding the brake to keep our speed slow enough.  The last 2 miles is pavement again.  But in spite of the bad roads the trip is so worth the effort.  This trip is best done in a car or truck but I do know someone who did it in their motorhome.  Just hearing them talk about it we knew we didn't want to drive the rv in even though there is a campground there and we wouldn't have minded camping there ourselves.  Lucky for us the campground was full as it was the friday before the lunar eclipse.

Fajada Butte, where on the summer solstice the sun lines up with the ruins.

I did a little hiking but mostly we just drove the loop road so mom could see what we could from the car.  

There is a nice visitors center where we bought a video about the canyon and ruins that has run on PBS.  Here's a link to a video on Youtube about Chaco Canyon, click here.  This isn't the video we bought but it is very interesting all the same.

See you in a few days.

Location update.

We have left the Albuquerque area after six days of balloon watching and visiting and are heading east.  Tomorrow we will cross into Texas. Florida here we come.

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