Friday, April 28, 2017

We're on the Move

After spending two weeks in our home in Yuma it was time to leave.  How do you know when it's time to leave you wonder?  When you're running the air conditioner 24 hours a day because it's so hot.  So off to higher ground we went.  Payson, Arizona is the closest place to get to from Yuma and with an elevation of around 5,000 feet it was nice and cool.

Here we are parked in the horse camp area of the
Houston Mesa Campground

Desert cats meet their first log

Scott Reservoir campground near Show Low, AZ

Then on to New Mexico. 

We last passed this way in 2015 and took this picture of the VLA (Very Large Array).  At that time there was a long arm of telescopes crossing highway 60.  These two pictures show how it looked in 2015.

Closest telescope to road.

All that's left of the closest telescope, all the telescopes in this row are gone
only the foundation are left.

After spending the night in the Pie Town RV park we drove on to Caballo Lake State Park south of Truth or Consequences.  My friend Bette has persuaded us to buy a yearly pass to the New Mexico state parks system.  After paying for three nights to park besides the lake we went and bought a yearly pass.

See you around the bend.

Evie and Joy, 
Bubba and Sissy too.

Bubba looking so serious.

Missy says, "look mom, I can climb a tree".

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

We Bought a Home in Yuma

It's just a single wide mobile home with a sun room and laundry room added onto the side.  It also has a large shed for storage.  As with many homes in the Foothills area of Yuma it came furnished with everything including dishes and towels and the shed is full of tools and patio furniture.  All I had to do was empty our storage unit and we're all set.  We have spent the last few days sorting through all the stuff here and getting rid of tons making way for our things.  Most of these things aren't our style but we will live with them for awhile.  We'll stay here for about two more weeks and then leave for New Mexico and cooler climates.

Front faces south with big shade tree, sun room on the right.
Little Honda safely tucked into carport.

And room for the rv with hook-ups.

Some homes are sold furnished.  
Sliding door in kitchen goes into sun room.

It's like a big puzzle and we have lots of time to make it ours.

My bedroom, windows look north.

Moms bedroom looks west.


And 6 citrus trees plus other plants.  A pipe sticking up for cloths line.  

The reason we bought this is because we have been spending our winters here and have set up doctors and such and it just make sense to have a winter home base.

Be back soon when we're back on the road.

Evie and Joy + Bubba and Sissy

PS.  Today is my dad's birthday, he would have been 90 years old.  Rest in Peace dad.

Last of the flowers

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Our Family Has Expanded by Two

Like many people, to keep ourselves organized, we use a calendar with cat painting pictures on them.  Last year there was a particularly cute painting of two kittens, one grey and white stripped and the other one was an orangish color.  Mom really liked that picture of the two kittens so she cut it out, you know the type of cutting out, she cut around the edge of the two kittens.  I didn't know she had done this but one day she pinned them up on the window valance right by her bed.  And that little cut-out is still there.

Cut-out from calendar pinned to valance.

Towards the end of January, in Yuma, we went to PetSmart to check out the kittens up for adoption from the Yuma Humane Society.  They didn't have any that day, saturday, but the gal said that two young cats were being fostered in the same home and they were coming in on sunday.  So home we went and went back the next day and the cats weren't there, and a different lady didn't know anything about it.  So home we went again, not even knowing anything about either kitten.  We waited two days before going back, because at that time we were parked about 20 miles outside of town and were getting tired of all that driving, in the Honda.

So tuesday we went back and the kittens were there, in fact they had come in on sunday afternoon, just like the first girl had said.  She took us into the 'meet and greet' area and brought the two kittens out for us to see.  We went in with the intention of adopting one cat but fell in love with both of them.  We really didn't want to split them us as they both had been in the humane system since august and september of last year.

So off we went with two young cats.  It was about a week or more after that, that I looked up and saw that picture of the two kittens mom had cut out of the calendar and pinned to the valance, and guess what?  Our two new kittens look almost exactly like the picture.  Our young orange male has the same unusual marking as the orange kitten in the picture.

Meet Bubba, orange, and Sissy, grey and white.

We are blessed.  These two are great travelers and have adjusted to living in the rv so nicely.

Play time.

Next post, more news.

Evie and Joy