Monday, March 28, 2016

Finally Leaving California

We've been in California since the middle of Feb. and it's now time to move on.  I have found it hard to blog for most of that time and this post won't be anything much.

On our way south from northern Calif. we met up with our friend DeDe at the King City city park alongside the beautiful Salinas River.  We stayed there three nights visiting and catching up.

We have been in the San Diego area for the past week doing some pet sitting for my daughter (sorry, no pictures of Willie).  We also had some front end work done on the rv.


We also had all the brakes checked while it was there.  We've had the rv since Nov. 2013 and never had them checked.  Happily the breaks themselves were fine but sadly two of the brake hoses needed to be replaced.  When we were on our way north going through the Los Angeles area I had an occasion to hit my brakes hard, not something I do often, and the rv veered first to the left and then to the right.  When I mentioned this to the brake guy he said that's an indication of a hose collapsing so he checked them out and found two hoses that needed replacing. Glad to get that done.  I can't thank the gays and gal, Nicole, at East County Alignment and Brake in Santee, CA for taking such good care of us.  

I'm going to throw in a flower picture to break this up before I hit you with the next things.

Mmm these smell good.  Mock orange.

While in the San Diego area we stayed at Viejas casino and the Reach helicopter lives next to the rv parking area.  Here it is taking off.

While we were in the Ukiah area we bought a pod for the top of the Honda.  Got it from the Honda dealer, someone had ordered it and changed their mind so I got a good deal on it.  Even has the Honda logo on the back.

Now for the bad news.

Our sweet little red car got 'keyed' while in a parking lot. This made us so sad.  Next time I'm in a major city with a Honda dealer I will go and order some touch-up paint to fix this. 

Tomorrow night we will be in Yuma and then who knows where we'll be after that.

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Evie and Joy

Sunset behind the Reach helicopter parking place at Viejas Casino

Monday, March 7, 2016

Home to Mendocino County, Northern California

We came home to Northern California for a few days.  As a blog writer I have no idea who reads my blog, I know how many people read it and what countries those readers are from but not who.  So it was quite a surprise when a reader flagged us down in the parking lot of Mariposa health food store, in Willits, CA.  She recognised the Escapees sticker on the back of our car and chased us down to say "hi, I read your blog".  As mom and I drove away we turned to each other and said, "well that was fun".  And that was the beginning of our short visit with friends and former neighbors. But for all the friends we were able to see there were an equal amount we weren't able to touch base with and I'm sorry, there just wasn't enough time.   

While here, we've had routine maintenance done to the motorhome and the Honda.  Last month the Honda mileage turned over to 150,000 miles, so we had a new water pump (old one was making noise, I've been hoping that it would hold on till we got here) including thermostat, hoses and coolant and fan belt, and new pollen filter inside car.

Escapees stickers that Ellen recognised.
Red solo cup sticker is from a Facebook group I belong to. 

The trees are in bloom.

A dear friend invited us to park our home on her property.  What a delight is was to be parked on a ranch with green grass and beautiful oak trees all around.  The next three pictures were taken behind the rv from left to right.

Old barn to the left of the rv.

This leaning tree can be seen in the next picture, behind the rv.

New barn to the right, with horse looking to see what I'm doing.

We'll be back soon.

Evie and Joy

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