Saturday, October 31, 2015

Back in New Mexico

When we left Livingston, TX and headed west to out run a couple of storms that were on their way, I drove faster than ever.  I normally drive around 55mph but for the two days it took us to get out of TX I drove mostly 60-65mph.  Some of that was on small state highways and some on Interstate 20. We turned a three day drive into a two day trip.  Along the way we drove through Sweetwater TX the wind power center of Texas, and yes the wind was blowing.  There must be about 5000 wind turbines that can be seen for miles.  Cotton, wind, wind turbines and oil yup that's west Texas for you. We were able to stay one of those nights in a free rv park in the town of Andrews, TX.  It rained that night but not to much.  We were on the road at first light about 8am and drove two hours to Lakewood, NM near Carlsbad.

Rain doesn't come cheap for the RVer.
This isn't just ordinary dirt mind you.  This is TX dirt from oil country. 

Heading due west.

We have more that doubled the mileage on the RV.
Bought it with around 27,000.

That's White Sands National Monument, New Mexico with
the town of Alamogordo at the base of the mountains.

We spent friday, Oct. 30th at the Escapee rv park in Lakewood NM.  Because the RV and car were so dirty I didn't want to unhook the car and all their parking spots are "back-in" spots, so they found us a nice level place to for us to park out of the way of everything and didn't charge us either.  How very nice of them.  That Escapee park is one of the friendliest parks we've ever been to.  This was our second time there and if we're ever back that way will definitely stay again.  

Tonight, Sat. Oct. 31 we are the Alamogordo KOA, Alamogordo, New Mexico.  We will be here two nights, so we can go grocery shopping tomorrow and other errands.  We already have been to the car wash twice, once for the RV and then went back with the car.  Uggg That oily dirt isn't really washing off very easy.  At least I can now see out the windows but need to have both vehicles hand washed with super soapy water.  Don't know when or where that's going to happen.

When we leave here we will continue our trek west to Arizona.  

See you in a few days.

Evie and Joy

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  1. That's the only good way to look at the rear view mirror.