Monday, June 19, 2017

Follow Up to Platte River Camping

Holy moths Bat Man.  

When we went to bed last night we had no idea what was going to happen while we were asleep.  Thousands of moths swarmed around the rv, on the rv and in the rv.  I don't know how they got   into the rv but it has been a nightmare.  

This morning when we saw the moths on the outside of the rv the first place we went to after leaving the river was a car and truck wash.  Even after driving 65 miles per hour on the freeway there were about 2,000 moths still on the rv, in every nook and crevice, on the outside, around the doors, around the cracks of the hood, between the roof of the truck and the bottom of the part of the rv that hangs over the cab.  All around the doors, behind the rearview mirrors, under our awnings, and as we're finding out tonight, in the air conditioner.  We are 4 hours away from the river and as it is getting dark hundreds of moths are begging to fly around inside the rv.  The cats are having a field day, but as it turns out I'm faster at getting them.  I have closed the air conditioner vents and that has slowed them down a bit but they are still coming.  Ugggg

Just a picture of a moth from the internet, not what we have flying all around.

This whole episode of the moths reminds me of the time in 1986 when mom and I and my daughter, who was 6 at the time, took our family's truck and camper to northern California camping for the weekend.  We went to Lake Mendocino, and it was really hot.  When we pulled into our camping site I failed to raise the windows in the truck.  All night long mom and I sat up killing mosquitoes.  We couldn't figure out how they were getting in and I wasn't going to let them bite my darling daughter.  By morning we were exhausted and that's when we saw the open windows.  

Another picture from the internet.

Well I can assure you that last night all screens were closed tight and truck windows close, that's how we keep the cats in, of course.  I think tomorrow we might pull into an rv park and plug into electricity and turn the air conditioner on and try to blow those darn moths out.

Some moths are very pretty.  The ones we have are just brown.

I hope we can sleep tonight.  

Evie and Joy and our two good hunters, Bubba and Missy

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Platte River at the Bixby Access Area Douglas, Wyoming

Beautiful Wyomig

Seven miles of dirt road to get to the river access area.  
Road was in really good condition.

Friend seen along the way.

The fantastic Platte River.

We're the only ones here.

I saw this big boy.  Not sure what he is though.
Some kind of eagle i think.

He's looking for fish

And a white pelican too.

Sunset on the Platte

Sitting here it's easy to imagine myself a pioneer woman in a wagon train going west on the Oregon Trail.  All the hardships, all the dust, all the bugs.  I don't know how any of them made it.  Over the years I've read many diarys of these women and now being here along the Platte, which played such an important part in their journey, it's just an amazing feeling.

We had planned to stay here 2 nights and as beautiful as it is, we are moving along tomorrow. All the birds and bugs are driving the kittens nuts, they want to go out and catch them all.  Poor things I could only let them out on their leashes for a short whild and they were so frustrated that it broke our hearts.  So tomorrow we will move on towards Riverton, Wyoming.

So, from alongside the Platte River I'll say goodnight.

Evie and Joy + 2 kittens

The only buffalo we saw

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Palisade Campground, on the Rio Grande, South Fork, Colorado

We're back in beautiful Colorado.  We spent 3 nights in the Palisades campground, on the banks of the Rio Grande, outside of South Fork, CO.  We've stayed here several times in the last few years but not one time last year so it was a bit of a surprise that the camp hosts recognised us as we drove in and came out to greet us.  That made us feel special.  You can see the river behind the rv in the new header picture.

Morning sunrise coming to the Rio Grande River.

Our site #1 at the Palisades, Rio Grande river just out of picture to the left.

Bubba got his feet wet.

There's a small scenic railroad that runs by the campground. 

Two kittens hard at work on the railroad.

The symmetry of mother nature.

We're outside Buena Vista now for a few days, then on towards Montana where we're meeting up with friends.

Be back soon.

Evie and Joy + 2

Look mom, I can climb.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Photo Essay #1, From North East New Mexico to Colorado

On our way to Clayton Lake, NM.  Love clouds and long roads.

Road over Conchas Lake dam.

What a face.

Wild flowers everywhere.

This is usually what you see of antelope, white butts.

This bunny drove the cats nuts.  But isn't he cute?

Our first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains from the Chama, NM area.

Boondocking neighbors.

Hi baby.

Bubba watching the cattle walk by.

Up and over Wolf Creek Pass once again.

We're now in the Palisades campground on the banks of The Rio Grande.  I'll see you next week for part 2.

Evie and Joy + 2 kitties

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Memorial Weekend at Clayton Lake State Park

In the last few weeks we've been all over northern New Mexico.  After spending a couple of weeks in the Albuquerque area we headed off to Conchas Lake State park for Memorial weekend.  We really didn't like it there so after one night we drove up to Clayton Lake State park. 

We love the afternoon clouds near Cochiti Pueblo 

These two men were in one of those basket things that you pull yourself across the river in.  
I don't know what they were doing but look at all that water being 
released from Cochiti Lake, near ABQ.  That water is the Rio Grande.

Our site at Clayton Lake.  Up on a hill.

This is what eastern New Mexico looks like.  Wide open ranch land.

That's all for now.  See you later.
Evie and Joy + 2 kittens

Bubba climbing a tree at Clayton Lake.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

We Went Back to White Sands National Park

We spent a few nights at Oliver Lee State Park which is the closest state park to White Sands where we needed to go to take a picture of the newly painted motorhome.

Setting sun shining on the mountain at Oliver Lee state park, NM.

Missy checking out the layout for a campfire that the Boy Scouts left.

Bubba's bird watching.

Road into White Sands.

Here we are at my favorite picture taking spot.
Missy says, "Mom can you see me?"

"How about now?"

Bubba absolutely loved the sand.  He loves it when he 
can run around and have the sand fall over his feet.

Missy thought it was ok too.

This shows the importance of plant root systems 
in holding onto the sand.

We're at Elephant Butte state park for another 10 days or so then we will make our way up to Albuquerque.  While in ABQ we will have lunch with family, take care of doctor visits and of course eat at our two favorite delicatessens,  McAlisters and Jason's.

Evie and Joy

Joy and kitties.