Saturday, October 10, 2015

Balloon Fiesta Saturday Morning

One of the reasons that Albuquerque hosts a balloon fiesta is because of the wind patterns here.  On most days there is what they call a box wind pattern.  The balloons take off and go up to catch the northbound wind and in a few miles they drop down a bit and catch the southbound wind.  So they can go back and forth without much trouble.  Today was a very good day.  Most of the balloons were able to find 'the box' and ride the winds back and forth all morning.  For us the spectator it's like watching a ballet in the air.  So very pretty.  

There were three helicopters flying around, don't know what they were doing,
keeping track of the balloons or just up there looking.

View from the hill beside our home.

Moms chair.

Ghost Girl with casino in background.
 Note shade cloth on back window.  I have two command hooks, one at each corner.  
If I need shade I can use both hooks if it's not sunny and hot
 I drop one corner to let the sunshine in. 

I'm so glad we decided to come back to ABQ for the Fiesta.  It has been fun meeting up with friends and just the general party like atmosphere.  Early this morning, before dawn, I could hear people out and about drinking their coffee and watching the 'mass ascension'.  I didn't get up till 7:30 and by then the sky was filled with blobs of color.  Tomorrow, sunday, will be the last day and I expect by the end of the day there won't be very many rvs left here in the casino parking lot.  We hope to be able to stay here for another week or as long as they will let us as we are waiting for our mail to catch up to us. 

This will be the last balloon post, I promise.  

See you later.

Evie and Joy

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