Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Livingston, Texas

We've made it to Livingston, TX.  The main reason for coming here was so we could see the headquarters of The Escapees RV Club which we belong to.  While here we're having some things done to the rv.  As I write this we are sitting in the shop of a local rv repair place and they have already changed the oil, I carry my own oil and filter, they are now checking my electrical system to make sure all is working as it should.  They are going to pull the front tires to do an inspection and flip-flop them with each other.  They will check the air pressure in all six tires.  And they are going to figure out why my back-up camera isn't working and fix it if they can.

On our way down to Livingston we stayed at Arrowhead Lake State Park outside of Wichita Falls, TX.  What a pretty place.

In this area of Texas there are hundreds of lakes and ponds 
and they're are all full of water as it has been a wet year.

We're going to hang out in this area until a big storm blows ashore from the Gulf of Mexico, we want to be in a safe place for that.  It was going to arrive here thursday but now they say not until saturday or sunday.  We will see if we can sit still that long.  When we do leave here we will go to the Texas gulf shore area.  

Be back soon.


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