Sunday, May 10, 2015

Yesterdays Blog Post

Well I did a blog post yesterday but at least two of my readers emailed to say that they didn't get the email about it so I'm sending you this message to tell you that if you scroll down you should see a post titled Carlsbad, NM.
We have cattle right outside our door.  Can you see the little orange electric fence insulators?
That's all that's keeping them over there and not over here.

I think what happened was I wrote the blog on friday but didn't post it till saturday and I posted it from my phone.  So I think the email notifications got lost in the shuffle.

The Artesia public library.  Yes, there is oil money around here.  
All the big buildings in Artesia are oil company buildings.
 (sorry for the bugs on the windshield)

The breakfast club.

So scroll down and see yesterday's post if you haven't yet.

See you later.

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