Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Roswell, New Mexico

We went back to White Sands National Park, New Mexico.  Most pictures of White Sands are of the middle of the park where nothing is growing but as you can see in this picture along the edge of the dunes all kinds of plants grow.

Here the root system of a long dead Yucca plant holds the sand in place.
Note the modern day carved graffiti.

We're now at Bottomless Lakes State Park.  
These lakes, a series of 8 lakes, are spring fed and of course do have bottoms.

"The lakes are actually sinkholes ranging in depth from 17' to 90' and were formed when circulating underground water dissolved salt and gypsum deposits to form subterranean caverns.  When the roofs of the caverns collapsed under their own weight, sinkholes resulted and soon filled with water".

Bottomless Lakes SP is outside of Roswell, NM, the home of the famous Roswell UFO incident.

On July 8, 1947 an Unidentified Flying Object crashed landed outside of town.
And it is said that there were Aliens abroad.

And the town has embraced the event.  There are aliens all over town.

We had new headlights bulbs installed on the Honda today.  I watched a youtube video about how to do it myself and decided to leave it to the professionals.  Only one was burned out but because it is an older car decided to have both replaced.  Another thing that has given me problems recently was the auxiliary braking system for the honda while it is in tow.  The braking system that I'm using is like a 'surge brake'.  Connected to the rv with a cable that runs from a "thing" on the rv to the car.  When it rains the control "thing" gets wet and it gets sticky, and then the first time I hit the brakes the arm stays in the "on" position.  Well it rained when we were in Ruidoso the other day and to make a long story short I had to unhook the braking system.  By the time we got to Roswell it had unstuck itself.  This is the second time this has happened.  I now put a plastic bag over it when the car is unhooked and it's going to rain.  

Speaking of rain: A storm blew through yeaterday.  Just watch the first 25 seconds of this video. We watched this from 12 miles away.  We could see this storm coming as we were on our way to the State Park and was prepared to pull over to the side of the road, and wait it out, if it caught up to us but we were able to get to the park and get parked as it started to pour and hail and blow. 

We'll head south tomorrow.

I want to say hi to one of my readers, Rose in Ukiah.  Rose is taking English as a Second Language classes and is in her third semester.  Good job Rose.

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