Friday, May 29, 2015

Something New on the Blog

You may notice that there is something new on the blog.  I have become an Amazon affiliate.  That means that I have an Amazon link on my blog page and if you click on it, it will take you directly to Amazon where you can order things to your heart's delight, you won't pay more for those things, but I will get a small reward for you using my link.  That's Amazon's way of saying "thank you" to me for having a link on my page.  You can bookmark it by clicking on my link and then saving that page to your bookmarks and it will remember me(with any luck). Then next time you want to order from Amazon just click on the saved link and there you go.   We would be forever grateful to you for using our link. 

After spending last week in Albuquerque we have finally moved on to Santa Fe.  We met my friends Joy and David for lunch today and will meet them at the Farmers Market tomorrow. Joy is a friend from California who a few years ago moved to Ryderwood, WA, where she met David.  Joy has a son who lives here in Santa Fe and they are here for a visit. 

Joy on the floor in our rv.


When we first go to Santa Fe today we parked in a casino rv parking lot(free but no hook-ups) but as the day wore on it started to get hot so we moved down the street to an RV park so we could plug into electricity to run the air conditioner.   We will stay here one more night then move on towards Navajo Lake state park. 

Lets backtrack for a minute here.  After Memorial Day weekend we went back to ABQ and parked in the Sandia Casino parking lot for several days.  It was free with no hook-ups but it wasn't hot so it was ok.  Most casinos have places for rv's to park, sometimes that place is a full on RV park as in the case of the Isleta Pueblo Casino where you have to pay to park and get hook-ups too.  At Sandia, their idea is rv's can park in lot c anywhere you want for free.  That's what we did.  A friend had been there the week before and she asked my where we were going to be after Memorial day and I said Sandia, and that evening when mom and I were eating dinner I saw her driving up the road.  She came and parked near us and we fed her dinner.  The next day Randi and I went grocery shopping and did laundry while mom held down the fort.  That night Randi cooked dinner for mom and me. Wow what a treat. Randi is one of those people who loves to cook.  We love her.  Those of you that now me well know that cooking isn't something I go out of my way to do.  Randi is also from New Jersey so I got my fix of NJ accent which I have been missing lately.


Randi's little home on wheels.

A pretty sky picture for my friends who haven't seen the sky for few days.  It's beautiful here in New Mexico.

Until next time.


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  1. First things first....Better check your Amazon link. I got no response when I placed my cursor on it.

    It seems that you two know someone regardless of where you find yourselves.

    Joy certainly looks at ease. David looks to be an old of my favorite kinda people.

    When you say Randi cooked your supper, did she cook in her tiny trailer? What did you eat?

    Thanks for the sky photo....still no damn sun here. My plants are more pissed off than I.

    So, it's gettin' too hot to breathe there? Where ya goin' next?.....North, I presume. You sure as hell don't want to head to the South. Humidity has already kicked in down there.

    Glad it's all still a big, wonderful adventure.

    Working on some albums to send out. Can't seem to find enough time to edit. I sleep too much....not.