Saturday, May 16, 2015

We're in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The first thing we did after arriving back in ABQ was go to Costco to have new tires put on the Honda.  New Michelin tires with the date of manufacture mounted to the outside so it is easy to find and read.  It's important for rvers to keep on top of their tires, not only condition but age.

After getting new tires we pick up moms sister Mary and go to Petroglyph National Monument.

A few days later we drive north to The Santo Domingo Pueblo to buy bread that the native women bake in these ovens.  We bought bread last year from the same woman.  

It was raining the day we went to buy bread.

On our way home to the Isleta Pueblo Casino RV park on the south side of Albuquerque we stop at a casino on the north end of town to meet up with another solo women RVer.  She and I and two others have been hop-scotching around NM meeting each other when we were able.  We missed Randi earlier this month but were able to touch base with her today in the rain and hail.  She travels in a small travel trailer.  It's always fun to meet other solo women. 

Notice Little Red Wagon.

Memorial Day is coming fast so we will be leaving here soon to find a pretty lake to camp near for the long weekend.  My friend Joy from Washington state is coming to NM to visit her son and we are hoping to get together with her.

All of today's photos were taken with my iPhone, so quality might not be as good as other posts.

See you again soon.


1 comment:

  1. Fantastic photos.
    I want some of that bread. More photos of the ovens, please.....inside.
    Perhaps you will be around that particular cactus when in flower. Actually, any cactus in flower is extra special to me.
    Good to see you still have a 'community' regardless of the miles you cover.
    Rainbows are special....and double at that.

    Seems as though you and Joy have finally settled into your adventure enough so it has, at last, become all fun all the time.
    Carry on....and know you two are missed.
    It helps to keep our connection with your blog postings.