Thursday, May 21, 2015

More Rainbows

We're at Cochiti Lake Army Corps of Engineers campground for the Memorial Day weekend.  We hadn't made reservations thinking that if we got here early enough it wouldn't be a problem.  Wrong, we got the second to the last spot here, all the others had been reserved, and there might be almost 100 spaces.  We are in the 'no hook-up' area which for us is no problem because we have our solar system to keep us powered up but most of the other people camped around us have to run their generators for power and so makes it noisy.  Ugg  But it's only $6 a night so we'll tough it out.

The orange line in the map is Interstate 25 which runs from
 El Paso, TX all the way to the Canadian border.

We drove around the lake today while the rain storm was blowing in.  
This picture of Ghost Girl was taken from the boat ramp across the lake.

If you look at the stop sign in the middle of this picture and up about 1 inch 
that road is the boat ramp across the lake.

If you noticed in the screenshot of the map in the first picture you can see that this location is one of those that make it necessary to have not only AT&T for internet but Verizon as well.

Saw this little guy on our drive today (slightly blurry).

See you later.



  1. Glad you got a spot. We have been having odd weather pattern lately. Love the rainbow shots

    1. Yes we were very lucky Karen. We have been in NM for about a month and a half and the weather has been very interesting. Lots of rain and beautiful clouds. Things that we don't get in very much of in northern Calif. where we are from.

    2. Great photos of the double rainbow. I used to stay at Core of Engineers parks when I first started out, but not in the last few years. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed them, and also how inexpensive they are. Nice shot of the Killdeer. :)