Friday, May 8, 2015

Carlsbad, New Mexico

We've made our way down to Lakewood, NM where there's an Escapee RV park.  I'm an Escapee member and they have nice parks. Escapee's have a small system of rv parks where members can buy a lot in their parks.  We don't own any lots but just being a member entitles us to a big discount to stay in them. We planned to be here now so we could do laundry and some much needed house cleaning.

Lakewood isn't far from Carlsbad and we took a drive into town to give it a look-see.

Carlsbad is on the Pecos River which wanders around through 
town with pretty parks on both banks.

This part of NM is oil country.

Zoomed in on flames.

The best pictures of Road Runners I could get.

New Mexico is big Pistachio country.

It's official.  Escrow closed on my home on Friday.  This was the second escrow I was in on my property.  The first one fell through so back on the market it went.  Within a week I had another offer that was way low.  I didn't take that personal and countered with an amount not much lower that my asking price, much higher than they had offered and they accepted it.  The second escrow was for more money that the first one.  All things worked out for the best.  I'm a happy camper.  

See you later.


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    1. Those ones don't run around much, though.

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