Sunday, May 25, 2014

One of Our Favorite Highways

Today we are on one of our favorite highways, highway 50 through Nevada.  I like it because there aren't many cars and no trucks and the scenery is beautiful.  It was cloudy today with scattered showers perfect for driving.  I didn't take many pictures but here are a few.  Since the last time we were on this road they have built a wind farm.  Needless to say it is windy right here.

Detail of above tree.

The last picture is of the Highway 50 Shoe Tree between Cold Springs and Fallon, NV.

We should have stayed in Cold Springs but we pushed on to Fallon where we checked into the Fallon RV park west of town.  On paper this park looks good BUT I guess the girl didn't like me because she put me in a spot that was over run with ants and I'm pretty sure she knew that.  When I drove back to the office to ask for another spot before I could even ask (see she knew) she said she couldn't move me and there wasn't anything she could do.  "How about a refund" says I and she said "no refunds".  That's ok I'll leave anyway and I will give your rv park a scathing review and write a letter to the Good Sam club and tell them all about you and I'll go on the internet to the Facebook page RVTips and tell the RVing community all about you. So we are down the street and I'm sitting at my computer.....

Thanks for reading my rantings.

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