Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Home at Last, or at Least for Two Months

After spending one night in Truckee CA. we wanted to have lunch with a friend in Sacramento, CA. so I checked all my phone apps and found a small RV park and Marina in West Sac. Sherwood Marina and RV Park, on South River Road, West Sac.  A very cool place, as it is right on the Sacramento River. Most places along the river are below the levy but South River Road runs along the top of the levy so you can drive for miles looking at the river. We were there after Memorial Day Weekend so it was nice and quiet with only one other RVer there.  It is all grassy with lots of huge cottonwood trees for shade.  

Great Blue Heron fishing in the Sacramento River

After we had lunch with moms friend Kim we turned the RV towards home and after stopping for dinner in Clearlake Oaks for some of the best Chinese food in Lake county we were home by 6pm.

And this is what greeted me in my backyard.

 My Mock orange trees (Philadelphus coronarius) in full bloom.

Can you smell these flowers?

So we are home for two months at which time we will head north.  So for several weeks we will be playing catch-up on the yard work around the house and getting the RV ready for her next great adventure.  Oh and by the way, last week we passed the 10,000 mile mark.  We have put on more than 10,000 miles on the RV since we got it in November 2013.  Our next goal is 50,000 miles.  

So see you around August 1st.

Evie and Joy


  1. Mosey'd over from RVSue. Enjoying your blog, and subscribed. You mentioned you read lots of journals and books by women in covered wagons. I've been out on our prairies, and I always feel that I could see the covered wagon trains if I just look hard enough! Could you provide me with some titles and authors that you have enjoyed? Looking forward to you hitting the road again!

    1. Hi Gayle Maria,
      Thank you for your nice comments. I too can imagine covered wagons winding their way across the prairies. Here is a short list of books that we have on our book shelf the others that we have read were from the library.
      First, Anne Seagraves has a series of books about women of the west. Roses of the West and Women Who Charmed the West are two of them. Second, Joanna L. Stratton wrote Pioneer Women, Voices from the Kansas Frontier. Third, Elinore Pruitt Stewart wrote Letters of a Woman Homesteader. And, Dee Brown's, The Gentle Tamers, Women of the Old Wild West. Most of these books are collections of letters and diary's. And there is one more, Mary D. Burchill has written a book about Evelyn Cecil Frey called Lady of the Canyon. Evelyn and her husband settled in Bandelier canyon New Mexico which is now a National Monument.
      Mom and I were talking today and being home for two months might be to long so we are thinking of hitting the road around July 1. We shall see.