Friday, May 23, 2014

A BIt of a Bummer

News flash.  My camera bit the dust and two days later so did my computer. 

We have had some wonderful days traveling and picture taking, but most of those pictures are on the crashed computer.  If I had known it was going to crash I wouldn't have tried so hard to get the pictures off the broken camera.  But there you have it, such is life.

But I was able to get a new camera, Sony Cyber-shot  DSC-H300, in Montrose, CO.  and am learning how to use this one.  So today I have only two decent pictures to share with you. 

Isn't this just the cutest thing you've ever seen? In the KOA in Montrose, CO.

It's dandelion season in Colorado. Photo taken on Lizard Back highway.

Apricot Mallow, lookin a bit dark orange in this pic.

We stopped for a walk-about with Rose and found this guy sunning himself.

We spent two days in a BLM recreation area along the Green River outside of Green River UT.  I had read about this place on RVSue's blog .  We loved it there, we arrived early on wednesday May 21st and left really early May 23 as the Memorial weekend crowd was already coming in and when we woke up on the 23rd it was raining and to get to this campground you have to drive through a 'wash', and I didn't want to do that if the wash had much water running through it.  But all was ok, rain was soaking in not running off.

View of Green River from camp spot.

Our neighbors rafting down the river.

When we left Green River this morning we saw this mountain goat with 
two females on their way to the river for a drink.

We are in Beaver UT tonight and tomorrow we will continue our way west.

Camera review.  I don't like this new camera.  The on/off switch is in an inconvenient place, it has a hard time focusing.  Today in the rain I took some pictures through the windshield and it insisted on focusing on the raindrops on the windshield.  Yet when I try to take a picture of a flower it can't seem to find it and not focus on anything at all in the frame.  You can get an idea about that by looking at the pic of the two mountain goats drinking.  What part of that is in focus I ask?  And it isn't that i'm not giving it enough time to focus.  I'm giving it all the time it wants.  It will zoom in and out and in and out again.  

Until next time.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Great photos...mostly. Looks as though you two are traveling through incredible locations.

    Wonderful bird house....and your camera focused on it rather than the trees. Glad the butterfly posed. I had a helluva time catching a bee...those creatures are restless...hence, 'busy as a bee.'

    Being on high alert for flash floods is a very smart thing to remember. A lot of places you seem to be in are extremely vulnerable for such events....and no one survives being swept away.

    Regarding the camera...bummer. Both of my cameras would have focused on the windshield the way yours did. That last batch of lupine photos I recently sent out were taken standing in the rain because the camera would only focus on the windshield droplets rather than the out into the rain I went.

    Does your camera have a different dial setting for any shots? I am specifically talking about flower shots (macro). No idea why your photo of the animals wouldn't focus.
    Regarding the colors....does your camera have threads on the lens so you can screw on filters?

    Can you return the camera?

    Maybe you need to consider bumping up your purchase price when shopping for cameras. I did. So far, so great.....and buy a Square Trade extended warranty, too.
    Watch this....

    Just yesterday I took some 'action' shots at the start of the Kinetic Sculpture race. With that setting, the camera will take continuous photos as long as the shutter is pushed down...and changing the focus as well. Just checked the results....super duper. With that feature, macro ability and more features I am still learning to use (not brain surgery nor rocket science), all in all, worth the extra money.

    I took over 500 photos and that was just the first day of the race....lots of editing in my near future. Skipped the water portion of the race today. Will go early tomorrow to get a good spot for the big finish down in Ferndale. Have never attended the finish so looking forward to it all....rained last year so stayed at home.

    How's the computer dilemma going? Is the new antenna performing as well as you hoped?

    Happy Trails.

  2. Hi Gardeninggezzer,
    About the computer dilemma, I'm not using that computer. It only adds to my frustration levels and I don't need that. I'm using moms computer for the blogging stuff. Hers is slow but I can manage to get things done although sometimes it takes me several days to update the blog because of slow internet. Yes, the camera issue. I don't know what to do. I think I'll try to return it when I'm in a large town.