Monday, May 12, 2014

It's Snowing in Denver

I have read many books and journals written by women who traveled west in wagon trains.  Those were hardy women.  Many trains stopped at Bents Fort in southern Colorado.  Now Bents Fort is just off of highway 50 so we went on over to see it.
Just a taste of the plains.  But this picture is special, why you wonder?
There are no phone/power poles alone this road.

I can picture covered wagons and freight wagons and tepees and such all around.

A nice man took our picture.
Evie on left Joy on right.

After Fort Bent we headed to Limon, CO.  It was very windy there as it is on the plains.  Mom and I talked things over and decided that with this big storm coming in, and on the plains it is very windy, and we hate wind, that we would rather be in snow not wind.  So we got up really early and drove like mad towards Denver where we have a cousin.  We thought if we were going to be stranded somewhere we wanted it to be Denver.  Well things worked according to plan, we got to Denver as the snow started to fall and it didn't stop for 36 hours.  But that was ok as we were in the county fairgrounds and plugged in.

Our neighbor.  The camera insisted on focusing on window drops but you get the idea.
A good pic of drops on window though.

All is well and the storm has passed and we will leave in the morning.  See you in a couple of days and hopefully it will be warm wherever we end up going.

Evie and her mom

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