Saturday, May 17, 2014

Highway of Legends

We left Denver and headed south to Trinidad, Co. where we then took hwy. 12 west.  This road is called the Highway of Legends.  We had picked up a booklet about this road somewhere along the way and decided that we needed to drive it.

This highway is one of the many scenic highways in Colorado and for good reason.  The booklet tells all about the Indian legends and history along the road.  

Coke ovens near Cokedale, CO.  This was a big coal mining area.

We spent the next night in Stonewall CO.  I didn't get a picture, sorry, but the stonewall rises 250 feet above the valley floor, we were the only rvers in the very small park and we were lucky they were open as it is a little early in the season and many places are still closed for the winter.

 Those are The Spanish Peaks we drove around then on hwy 12.

From Stonewall we headed towards highway 160 going west and spent the night in Alamosa but not before going to see The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

There they are.  Under the cloud-shadows.

 If you would like to learn about this little known National Park click here.

I'm going to leave you with these two pictures of what I call 'grass circles'.  I don't know why it grows like this but it looks cool.

foot note

This blog website gave me nothing but problems today.  I just couldn't get it to format right.  Things that should be justified aren't and some text is blue, it lost a picture and on and on.  Sorry.

My new Truckers antenna.  It is supposed to boost cell signals.  
Don't know if is does yet as it isn't plugged into the booster thing. 
 I need more cable.
Yes, it's at an angle.  Only place to put it right now.

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  1. Regarding the circles of grasses....could only find data about the phenomena in Africa where it's caused by termites.
    Maybe the ones you saw also originate with insects.

    What range of gas prices have you encountered?