Tuesday, July 28, 2015

We Went Into The Mountains

We're back in Colorado.  Yesterday we were happily enjoying our stay at Eagle Nest Lake SP in New Mexico and had planned on staying there till thursday when someone came in and parked next to us.  That's ok, someone else was there the day before, but the energy around these people was very heavy.  So late last night we decided it was time for us to move on down the road.  So we are now at San Luis Lake State Park in Colorado. One of my moms brothers use to live not very far from this park so after getting the rv settled and the car unhitched we took a drive to Crestone, CO.

Wild horse country, but not a one to be seen.

The road to Crestone.

I got to stand in a creek , this is upstream.

This is down stream.

Until tomorrow.


We get to see some cute things come into campgrounds.  This guy was from Texas.


  1. You might like Sand Dunes Pool. It is a hot springs pool not far from where you are camped. We are going to be in Crestone next weekend for a 3 day music festival and will be camping at the Crestone Golf Course.

  2. Am I seeing correctly that those animal sculptures were in the campground?
    I want those for my garden.

    Please tell me you stripped off to get into that stream. Don't disappoint me.

    That small treasure is a piece of art on wheels.