Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Mexico Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Angel Fire

We went to see the New Mexico Vietnam Veterans Memorial today.  Because the Vietnam war was my generation's war I know a lot of young men who went and served.  Some came home and some didn't.  I still have a hard time thinking and talking about so this will be mostly pictures.

"The Memorial was established in 1968 by Victor and Jeanne Westphall to honor their son, Lt. David Westphall, who was killed in Vietnam in May 1968. When it opened in 1971, it was one of the first Memorials of its kind in the United States dedicated to Vietnam Veterans."
 reprinted from the brochure. 

This is a picture of LT. David Westphal, in the hat.
  It is a picture of every young man who went
to Vietnam for their country. 
 Young and full of life, most were right out of highschool
 with their whole life in front of them.  
War is hell.

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  1. Wonderful post. The memorial is very moving. My Uncle has a brick there.

  2. Wonderful post. The memorial is very moving. My Uncle has a brick there.

    1. Hi Karen, We could have looked for your uncles brick if we had known. I just went over to your blog and subscribed. :) small happy face.

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  4. Even as horrible as my Viet Nam days were, there were so many guys (and a few gals) who had it much, much worse than I.
    At least I came home in almost one piece.
    Does a broken mind count?
    It seems to be the way of the world but few folks under 60 these days have a clue as to how extremely horrible that war and those times really were.
    We in this country, in particular, don't do a very good job of teaching the real history to our youth....or really, not at all.

    These days the VA takes very good care of me.
    Who knew those Viet Nam adventures would ever result in anything positive.
    Hell, I'm wearing shoes manufactured in Viet Nam.
    Just who came out ahead from that 'conflict'?

    Years ago I viewed the traveling Viet Nam Memorial exhibit. Couldn't stay long. The power and sadness overwhelmed me.

    Now you need to send me lots and lots of photos of fun places and flowers to get me back to my happy place.