Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Eagle Nest, NM

We spent several days in the area of Angle Fire and Eagle Nest, New Mexico.  These two small towns are in the mountains at around 8,258' in elevation.  Cool man cool.  Temps hover around 75 degrees during the day and in the 40's at night.  We will spend the next six weeks moving around at this elevation to stay cool.  

Ran into a couple of other solo women rvers while at Eagle Nest State Park.  Charlene is a van-dweller, that's her sitting on her door step.  She has a blog and you can follow her by clicking  here.  And Roxanne who travels and lives in her Toyota Prius.  Roxanne and I bump into each other often.  Roxanne also has a blog, click here to see hers. There are many of us who live and travel in our rv's.  Some rv's are bigger than others but the process is the same.  You get rid of all you stuff, sell the house and buy something that fits your needs and hit the road.  

SwankieWheels on the left and The Good Luck Duck on the right.

A different style of wind turbine alongside a cell tower at the visitor center.
The view from my bedroom window.  
That patch of white on the water is a flock of White Pelicans who spend their summers here.

Prairie dog.

 We made a fast trip to Albuquerque to rent a mailbox at a UPS Store.  We left Eagle Nest and drove the rv to Santa Fe where we checked into The Roadrunner RV park for two nights .  The next day we drove the Honda into ABQ., about 1 hour away.  That is the first step in establishing residency here in New Mexico.  Many full time rvers struggle with the question of where they will use as their domicile and I won't go into that here as there have been reams written on the subject.  For mom and I, we love it here in New Mexico, and spend most of our time in New Mexico state parks and when we are official residents of this beautiful state we will be eligible for a discount.  I'm now in the process of changing over some of my address, some I will leave using my California address and now have that mail forwarded to our new box.  In Sept. when we again return to ABQ. for doctor visits I will apply for a NM driver's licenses. 

The roadside sunflowers are in bloom.  
As tall as the car all along the road and in fields.

We are now back at Eagle Nest SP where it is a cool 77 degrees, and where beautiful clouds often blow in, in the afternoon sometimes bringing cooling rains.

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Until next time.

Evie and Joy


  1. Hi Evie! You are so fortunate to be establishing residence in New Mexico--what a wonderful place! Camping is such a bargain there--we bought our annual pass in early March this year & it's good until March 30 of 2016! We'll be returning to Pancho Villa State Park for the centennial celebration of Pancho Villa's invasion--we loved it this year & enjoyed it all very much. Maybe we'll see you in the NM state park sometime this winter--we have a site all picked out at Caballo Lake that we would love to stay in. Take good care--all my best to you & your Mum.

    1. Hi Dawn, We would love to meet up with you if we are in the same area at the same time. Maybe at Caballo, we love it there. You take care too.

  2. We love Angel Fire. We hiked up to the top of Touch Me Not Mountain the last time we were there. Congrats on becoming New Mexicans. Red or green? You know our state slogan - New Mexico, not really new and not really Mexico.

  3. I like the above comment bit...not really new, not really Mexico. That's funny. I am amazed when periodically some 'merican educated nimrod still thinks NM is part of Mexico.

    I really like that wind turbine design. Seems much less dangerous to birds.

    You could also have those same temps living right here in Humboldt long as you stay near the shore.

    When you two started this adventure I wrongly assumed one of you would get really tired of the other due to constant togetherness.
    So glad I was wrong. Y'all seem to have new friends wherever you put down stakes.

    Do send me your new address. You never know when I may need to mail you something. Can't think of what that may be but still....

    Love the rainbow photo. I hear that at the ends of rainbows you can find gay people. Check it out.

    Regarding your Amazon link. All I see are the words Shop Amazon but there is no icon nor usable link. Whatsup?

    Happy Trails......