Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Continental Divide

We've been in the Rockies for about two weeks, sometimes without internet so this update is long in coming.

We have spent that time driving the Honda all around and over the mountains.  In one day we crossed four summits, three of them on the Continental Divide.

Monarch Pass is on US Highway 50.

Also spent some time wading in the headwaters of the Arkansas River.

Look closely, there's gold in this sand.

Nice dry camping spot along the Arkansas river.

One day we drove about five miles on a dirt road into the national forest looking for places to dry camp.  Dry camping is where you camp out in the national forest without any hook-ups or picnic tables, fire rings or rangers.  The next two pictures were taken on that road.

These two pictures were taken from the same location.

Still lots of wildflowers blooming.

We are now at Lathrop Lake State Park in southern Colorado slowly heading south back into Northern New Mexico.  We are just kicking around following the cool weather but it is possible to go to high where it is getting into the mid 40's degrees at night a bit to cool.  That was up about 10,000' near Leadville, CO so down the mountain we came.  

We are doing well and are still having fun.  The Winnebago is running good and so is the Honda.  We have spent several days in a row without internet and I lived through it.  

See you around the corner.

Evie and Joy


  1. Such an amazing wildflower year! Your dry camping spot along the Arkansas looks wonderful.

  2. Such an amazing wildflower year! Your dry camping spot along the Arkansas looks wonderful.

    1. Hi Karen, You could get into that boondocking spot with your little van, way too small for us though. I saw your/husbands comment on the RVTips page and saved the link to your page of boondocking spots. We found a bunch right around the Lakeview CG near Twin Lakes outside of Leadville. To bad we didn't know they were there. Oh well, next time.

  3. I told Greg and he said thanks and hope its helpful! He is always searching for new spots to add. We just got back from Crestone Music Festival and camping. It was fun and the flowers amazing. We saw so many shooting stars. I'm hoping this comment only posts once. LOL

  4. Ten thousand feet????!!!! What differences did you notice with breathing and such?

    So glad you two got wet. Did you strip down and just go with the flow, as it's said?

    Did you do any gold panning?

    Tell me more about those tan perpendicular rocks jutting up from that pastoral setting.

    What? No photo of Joy straddling the continental divide?

    All is well here especially since the smoke finally cleared out. Ashes fell everywhere. I'm thinkin' a few were still hot because I have burned looking spots on my car.
    The ash coverage was so prominent it looked like a dusting of snow.

    Carry on.