Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tires Tires and More Tires

So as some of you might remember, I had to buy two new tires for the front of the RV,  in Southern California.  Well now we have four new tires on the rear as well.  While driving eastbound on i80, east of Auburn going about 60 mph, we had a blowout on the inside dualy passenger-side-rear.  It was quite exciting there for a minute and this is what the tire looked like after.  

Tow truck driver in yellow/green and our guardian angel CHP guy

So it seems that the previous owners put the oldest baddest tires on the inside where no one could see them.  The two inside tires on the rear were original to the RV in 2001.  It is advised that tires be replaced about every five years or so because they get sidewall rot from the sun.  But rot was not what this tire had, this tire did the same thing that the one in the front did, it had total tread separation.  We've all seen bits of tires along the roadways, well that is what happened here.

Brand new shiny rear tire.

Shiny new front tire.

The rear tires are not the same as the front.  Next time I will buy new tires on my time schedule and get a matching set of six.  But I was happy that a tire shop in Auburn, CA had four tires that were the right size.

We are now in Carson City, Nevada.  We took a 'shortcut' from Truckee, CA to Carson City, NV.  I'll never take that shortcut again.  There was an uphill grade that the rv almost didn't make. It was white knuckle time.  Because of that I was ready to stop at the first rv park we came to.

Lake Tahoe (not my best picture).

That's all for now.

Evie and Joy 


  1. Evie, you obviously handled the rig well in this situation. I'm glad you and Joy are just fine, and now have a hair-raising story!

    1. Yes, you're right. A hair-raising story.

  2. Good thing you two are white. If you had been black folks that 'nice' CHP would have shot you while claiming you were smuggling drugs and stealing the RV.

    At last, you seem to have California safely in your rear view mirror. Adventures await.

    Here's a suggestion. I have seen folks who have thin pieces of wood or something leaning and covering the sun exposed side of the tires.
    Probably no need to do it for a one or two night stay but when y'all get to the real boondocking spots something such as that may be needed.

    So glad you now have all new tires....and batteries....and water pump....and working refrigerator....and functioning sun panels...did I forget anything?
    Pretty soon you will have a totally rebuilt Ghost.

    Happy Trails.

    1. Thank you G for your continued insights. Hahaha