Monday, March 9, 2015

Mail, Electrics and Tires

Today we drove back to Niland, CA to pick up our mail.  We asked to have our mail forwarded to us last monday, all it had to do was make its way from Ukiah, CA to Niland, Ca.  Its had a week to get here, but nnooo it still isn't here.

That's ok because we are returning to Ukiah to have the people who did all the work on the rv in the first place FIX EVERYTHING.  The truck battery which is brand new won't hold a charge longer that 2 days before it's completely DEAD.  And the same with our brand new solar system and batteries.  They won't hold a charge longer that three days and that is with the sun shining on the brand new solar panels.  Solar Mike spent two days checking it all out and he wasn't able to find anything amiss.  So we're going back home.  The good news is that on saturday I bought a jump-start thing kind of like this only bigger and a good thing too. Because after having to call AAA twice last week and having to wait for them to find me I now have my own jump thing and I used it this morning.

Sunset over the Salton Sea

Full moon getting ready to set over the Salton Sea.

You see a lot of this along the shore of the sea, and 
yes it smells when the wind is blowing a certain way.  
Those aren't shells under the dead fish those are old fish bones. 

Ok back to today.  We left a forwarding address with the post office and headed towards the LA area. As we were merging onto interstate 10 there commenced a great jiggling and vibrating from the front end of the rv.  I had to have a death grip on the steering wheel and it was painful.  So we decided to look for a tire and wheel place around Beaumont area and after checking out some small places and making a wrong turn we ended up in Moreno Valley where we were able to fit into a Goodyear tire center.  They were big enough for us and had time.  Well the tread on the front passenger tire was coming apart.  So glad it didn't do that while we were on the freeway going 60 mph.  So one hour and $450 for 2 new tires later we were once again on our way but by now it was 5pm so we found an rv park and we are safe and sound for the night.

We will continue our trip north tomorrow.

But after all that drama and wining I do have some good news.  I'm in negotiation on my house, I got an offer saturday and I countered it today so we shall see how that goes.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

See you in a few days.

Evie and Joy


  1. First things first....fantastic sunset photo....good for you. Must have been spectacular to watch the whole event.

    Fish bits? Wholly mackerel!!! That's a lot of fish parts.

    Instant power....I'm impressed. How much more weight did that thing add to the Ghost? Sure looks to be heavy.

    So sorry to hear you have to return to where it all started but all will work out in the long run....or hopefully, the short run.

    ....and new tires as well? You sure better hope you sell the house quickly. Seems as though you need the cash.

    I'm not heading south and doubtful you two will head north so here we close yet so far away.

    I just know y'all will have a lot of carefree and happy days soon....well, not for the next 2 or 3 weeks but soon.