Thursday, March 26, 2015

Short Update

We have finally left Mendocino county heading east towards Reno and highway 395.  We had an appointment at Camping World in Vacaville, to have our refrigerator serviced as it was making an odd noise.  It was determined that the burner unit was going out and needed to be replaced.

California wildflower, Blue Dick

But this Camping World store didn't have the right burner.  So after a few phone calls it was determined that the Roseville store had one on their shelf so we unhooked our little Honda and took off to Roseville which is 40 minutes east of this Vacaville store.  We got back with the part and am now waiting another 2 hours for them to put it in for us.

A blurry Lantana flower but the leaves are in focus. 

My Friend Thomas

A very good friend, in fact my first boyfriend from high school and pre Vietnam war days, passed away this week so we will be going towards southern Nevada to hang out until it is time to head to So-Calif. His funeral services on April 10th, will be in San Bernardino county.  Thom would have been 65 years old on April 11th.  

That's ok as we have all the time in the world and it's a beautiful time of year. 

Until next time.

Evie and Joy 

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