Friday, September 26, 2014

On to Nebraska

You just never know what you'll see in the road.

See the dog working.

He's waving us through.  Excuse the bugs on the windshield.

A beautiful bridge on South Dakota state route 212 over Lake Oahe 
which is the Missouri River dammed up, upriver from Pierre.

We started to see this really pretty red stuff all around.  
It wasn't flowers just red leaves on a plant that I couldn't identify.  

Then we have hundreds of miles of hay/grass fields recently cut and rolled into these 
big rolls which are wrapped in green mesh and then stacked.

Still seeing acres of sunflowers in all stages of bloom.

And one last pic for today.  Here we have some old and some new in the same field.

I don't remember if I have mentioned what is going on in the middle of our country.  All of the campgrounds/rv parks are nearly full because there is OIL in the ground, folks.  This area is full of oil workers, drilling and building pipe lines all over the place. Oil workers are living in travel  trailers, campers and motor homes.  They're a huge mobile work force.  Moving from one job location to the next, bringing along their wives and kids and dogs/cats.  It is a wonder, all this work. They have filled up the rv parks, it is sometimes hard to find a spot to park for the night.  I say good for all these young men and women who are going where the jobs are.  I know two women who went to Alaska to work on that pipe line.  Oh the stories that they tell.  

Until next time.

Evie and Joy

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