Monday, September 15, 2014

Grand Tetons

I have nothing to add.  These pictures say it all.

Clouds starting to lift.

Jenny Lake.

It's starting to cool down at night, good thing we have a small 
electric heater that mom can turn on in
 the morning to take the chill off the RV.

The Tetons were breathtaking.  The drive through them isn't long so we started from the north as Yellowstone and Tetons share a border.  On the southern border is Jackson WY where we had lunch and then drove back through the park north bound.  About  two thirds of the way north is state highway 26 going east and that is the way we went.  Highway 26 travels through the Wind River Indian Reservation which has some spectacular views.

We have crossed the Continental Divide many times.

The beautiful Wind River.

This day was a long days drive.  I try to keep our drive time down to two or three hours with four hours being a really long day.  But this day was a long one.  We pulled into a campground after about three hours but I didn't have a good feeling about it so we left.  I rely very much on my feelings and if something doesn't feel right for what ever reason we are flexible to change our plans.  This day we drove for almost two more hours.  BUT apparently the reason I was having 'bad vibes' was because a storm was blowing in and we didn't know it.  We were headed to Landers WY but at the last minute at the cross roads I turned left and we went instead to Riverton, WY.  A good thing too.  A friend, RVSue, whose blog I read was in Landers (I didn't know it at the time) and the Landers area got hit hard with the storm.  It showed in Riverton but it didn't stick like it did in Landers, omg I think RVSue said in her blog she got 4 or 5 inches of snow.  We were at the Owl Creek Kampground (more on that in a minute) so while it was snowing we decided to stay for two nights to wait out the storm.  Good decision. When we left and went south back into Riverton to do shopping the whole mountain range where Landers, WY is was covered with snow.  Very pretty to look at, but didn't get a picture.  You can go to RVSues blog and look at her pictures.  Her blog is listed on the right side of my page.

OK, now back to the Owl Creek Kampground.  A little history first.

In the 1970's and most of the 1980's I was living in Santa Cruz, CA.  At that time we listened to a small outlaw type radio station with the call letters of KPIG.  Yes sport fans it was called Kpig and they played country rock music.  Each year during the county fair the radio station would have a booth and hand out bumper stickers just like the big guys.  

Ok fast forward to now.

About two days before getting to the Owl Creek Kampground I heard a song on my new XM radio that was popular on KPIG in the 80's and it got me to thinking about the fact that I still have an unused bumper sticker at home somewheres and maybe I should put it on the RV.  Ok now we are parked in front of the Owl Creek Kampground and I'm walking up to the office to check in and what do I see on the door?

And here comes the guy from the office and I'm practically rolling on the ground having a fit over the sticker.

Merlin from Monterey, CA.

It turns out that the campground is owned by D. Fallon who use to cook in Clint Eastwood's restaurant in Carmel.  Small world.  I think that one of my readers who use to live in Carmel himself might have eaten there.  What about it Gman?

Here's Merlin with his bike and a sign showing where his allegiance lies in college football.
Go CalBears!!!

Merlin and I had a great time visiting just like old friends.

Thank you for following my journeys and your comments.



  1. What beautiful country... I guess the trees will be changing here soon too. Thanks for posting all the great photos and have safe journeys.

  2. You're welcome Dave, It's sure to be beautiful in your neighborhood soon too.