Monday, September 15, 2014

Catch Up Time: Yellowstone 1 of 2


Again we rented a car for our day of driving around this very big park.  I had read on the Good Sam web site about staying in West Yellowstone and renting a car so that is what we did.  The car rental people come and get you and when you are done with the car you just leave it at your campground office and they come the next day and get it.  Simple.

What you won't see in this blog is pictures of Old Faithful and Buffalo.  We have all seen those so I focused my picture taking on things that one doesn't usually see.

This is Beehive Geyser.

We took the Firehole Lake Drive.  It was fantastic.  You can walk right up to some geysers and smell them and look down into their pools of boiling hot waters.

Close up of the picture above.

This was an unexpected treat to see these rocks.  Those that know me well know that I'm a rock girl.

This is Mammoth Terrace.  

ELK  (i put elk in shouty caps because that is how all the signs have it)

Yup, right in downtown Mammoth.  Can you imagine trying to keep something this big out of your garden and yard.  Where I live we have deer but with a 6 foot fence you at least have a fighting chance of keeping those guys out.

That's it for part one now on to part two.

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