Friday, September 19, 2014

A Day Along the Oregon Trail

We spent a day following along part of the Oregon Trail.  After spending the night in the state campground which was out near a lake I have a whole new respect for the poor men, women and children who made the trip west in a covered wagon.  Where we stayed the ground was covered with stickers and thorns.  And the bugs were worse than awful.  Mom and I have read many books filled with diaries and personal accounts written by women, of the trip west so I did have a clue of the hardships but OMG. You can read about the Oregon Trail Ruts and Register Cliff by clicking here.

Here's my modern day conestoga wagon.

It's very humbling to be able to walk where thousands of men, women and children
 have labored to push and pull wagons up this hill.

 Here are some of the thousands of name and dates carved into the rock at Register Cliff.

Mom walking back to our wagon.

This is the field where the trail went through.  To the left is Registry Cliff and off in the distance is the sandstone hill where the ruts are.  The land that is not park land belongs to the Wyoming national guard and they have their training grounds along the road to the cliffs.  
Off to the right is the Platte River.

The beautiful and very important North Platte River.

See you in a few days.


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