Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Deer Lodge, Montana

These train engines are retired from The Milwaukee Road, which ran from Chicago to Seattle, from 1848 - 1980.  Read about it by clicking on the blue link above.

Moving on to hay harvesting.  This is a Beaverslide hay stacker invented right here in Montana. 

Deer Lodge is home to a very old prison.  Read about it here.  I'm including this second link because it has a better picture of the prison,  #2.

Old hospital building.

Another view of the hospital.

Enough of Deer Lodge, Montana.  Tomorrow, through Idaho we will go and into Washington.

Evie and Joy 

Look what happened today in the Honda.
  Yes I was driving and being very careful.


  1. We love you and every adventure. We cannot wait to drive up next to you and join the FUN. Road neighbors to be! ❤️❤️ Love you both!!
    xoxo Cathy and Kevy to Evie and Joie

    1. We can't wait till that day.
      Love back to you two, too.