Sunday, July 16, 2017

Flowers of the Northwest

We're in the northwest.  The beautiful northwest.  I could live here in the summer if given the chance. The roads are lined with flowers, the fields are filled with flowers there are flowers everywhere.  We have been in La Conner for a week and it' been my idea of heaven, eating fresh fish every day and looking at flowers.

Roadside flowers.

Parking lot flowers.

Roadside flowers.

Fields of speciality potatoes blooming.

Pretty potato flowers.

Roadside flowers.

All the towns have baskets of flowers hanging along the streets and in shopping centers.

Yard flowers.

Let's not forget there are mountains around here too.

Mt. Baker as seen from the La Conner area.

I don't know which mountain this is, seen from Marysville area.

Sunsets too.

Be back soon with more.
Evie and Joy + two kittens

Friend DeDe's in this area for the summer and we met up for lunch 
at the Waterfront Cafe in La Conner.

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  1. Looks as though you two are in flower heaven. Thanks for the photos. I recognized most plants. In particular I'm thrilled to see that oak leaf geranium. Now I know what mine may look like in a year or so. Through trial and mostly error, I discovered that oak leaf's don't want any summer all...ever.

    Why can't you stay the summer?
    The whole area looks to be pretty wonderful. Any gardens open to the public?

    Glad y'all met up with Dede.

    All is well here. Typical summer weather...overcast mornings and, if lucky, sunshine mid-afternoon or so.

    Where to next?