Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Platte River at the Bixby Access Area Douglas, Wyoming

Beautiful Wyomig

Seven miles of dirt road to get to the river access area.  
Road was in really good condition.

Friend seen along the way.

The fantastic Platte River.

We're the only ones here.

I saw this big boy.  Not sure what he is though.
Some kind of eagle i think.

He's looking for fish

And a white pelican too.

Sunset on the Platte

Sitting here it's easy to imagine myself a pioneer woman in a wagon train going west on the Oregon Trail.  All the hardships, all the dust, all the bugs.  I don't know how any of them made it.  Over the years I've read many diarys of these women and now being here along the Platte, which played such an important part in their journey, it's just an amazing feeling.

We had planned to stay here 2 nights and as beautiful as it is, we are moving along tomorrow. All the birds and bugs are driving the kittens nuts, they want to go out and catch them all.  Poor things I could only let them out on their leashes for a short whild and they were so frustrated that it broke our hearts.  So tomorrow we will move on towards Riverton, Wyoming.

So, from alongside the Platte River I'll say goodnight.

Evie and Joy + 2 kittens

The only buffalo we saw

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