Friday, April 28, 2017

We're on the Move

After spending two weeks in our home in Yuma it was time to leave.  How do you know when it's time to leave you wonder?  When you're running the air conditioner 24 hours a day because it's so hot.  So off to higher ground we went.  Payson, Arizona is the closest place to get to from Yuma and with an elevation of around 5,000 feet it was nice and cool.

Here we are parked in the horse camp area of the
Houston Mesa Campground

Desert cats meet their first log

Scott Reservoir campground near Show Low, AZ

Then on to New Mexico. 

We last passed this way in 2015 and took this picture of the VLA (Very Large Array).  At that time there was a long arm of telescopes crossing highway 60.  These two pictures show how it looked in 2015.

Closest telescope to road.

All that's left of the closest telescope, all the telescopes in this row are gone
only the foundation are left.

After spending the night in the Pie Town RV park we drove on to Caballo Lake State Park south of Truth or Consequences.  My friend Bette has persuaded us to buy a yearly pass to the New Mexico state parks system.  After paying for three nights to park besides the lake we went and bought a yearly pass.

See you around the bend.

Evie and Joy, 
Bubba and Sissy too.

Bubba looking so serious.

Missy says, "look mom, I can climb a tree".


  1. I agree about wanting to leave anywhere one must run air conditioning 24/7. I'm too much of an outdoor animal to exist in such a condition.
    The lake side camp site is beautiful. Do you two swim?
    So, what happened to the VLA's?
    The kitties look to be crazy happy exploring. Cute.
    Buying a year's pass sounds like a great idea and money saver.
    Let the adventures begin.
    How far north will you two be going this summer?
    Carry on.

  2. Eve and Joy-know you birthday was the 18th Ev-sending love and hugs Tricia