Thursday, May 4, 2017

We Went Back to White Sands National Park

We spent a few nights at Oliver Lee State Park which is the closest state park to White Sands where we needed to go to take a picture of the newly painted motorhome.

Setting sun shining on the mountain at Oliver Lee state park, NM.

Missy checking out the layout for a campfire that the Boy Scouts left.

Bubba's bird watching.

Road into White Sands.

Here we are at my favorite picture taking spot.
Missy says, "Mom can you see me?"

"How about now?"

Bubba absolutely loved the sand.  He loves it when he 
can run around and have the sand fall over his feet.

Missy thought it was ok too.

This shows the importance of plant root systems 
in holding onto the sand.

We're at Elephant Butte state park for another 10 days or so then we will make our way up to Albuquerque.  While in ABQ we will have lunch with family, take care of doctor visits and of course eat at our two favorite delicatessens,  McAlisters and Jason's.

Evie and Joy

Joy and kitties.


  1. It's a bit curious to me that my half brother is so enthralled by the feeling of sand on his feet, he definitely didn't get that from my side of the family. In my opinion sand is only a tiny step up from dirt. ;-)

    1. You're right, he must have gotten that from my side of the family. Hahaha