Tuesday, April 11, 2017

We Bought a Home in Yuma

It's just a single wide mobile home with a sun room and laundry room added onto the side.  It also has a large shed for storage.  As with many homes in the Foothills area of Yuma it came furnished with everything including dishes and towels and the shed is full of tools and patio furniture.  All I had to do was empty our storage unit and we're all set.  We have spent the last few days sorting through all the stuff here and getting rid of tons making way for our things.  Most of these things aren't our style but we will live with them for awhile.  We'll stay here for about two more weeks and then leave for New Mexico and cooler climates.

Front faces south with big shade tree, sun room on the right.
Little Honda safely tucked into carport.

And room for the rv with hook-ups.

Some homes are sold furnished.  
Sliding door in kitchen goes into sun room.

It's like a big puzzle and we have lots of time to make it ours.

My bedroom, windows look north.

Moms bedroom looks west.


And 6 citrus trees plus other plants.  A pipe sticking up for cloths line.  

The reason we bought this is because we have been spending our winters here and have set up doctors and such and it just make sense to have a winter home base.

Be back soon when we're back on the road.

Evie and Joy + Bubba and Sissy

PS.  Today is my dad's birthday, he would have been 90 years old.  Rest in Peace dad.

Last of the flowers


  1. Looks wonderful. Perfect for you two...er...four.
    So, does this mean that during your residence there you will be able to receive mail?
    Sure hope you love fake wood paneling. Seems to be everywhere.
    Is the roof of the sun room translucent?
    Glad you have a home base.
    When's the open house party?

  2. Congratulations! Looks perfect for winters

  3. That looks really nice - the rooms seem big! You'll all be very comfortable there in the winters. Bet you'll hate to leave it so soon. :)