Tuesday, February 21, 2017

You Never Know Who You Might Run Into

We took a day trip from Yuma over to Anza-Borrego State Park.  I thought I had read online that the cactus had started to bloom over there so off we went.  It was president's day weekend so there were quite a few people on the roads and in the park.  

Being fulltime rver's and traveling around we meet lots of great people along the way.  Some read this blog and some I meet on various facebook groups and if we are in the same area we try to get together.  And then there are the friends who you run into quite by happenstance, like Greg and Karen who also write a blog that you can see here.  We were on our way back to our car after visiting the visitor center when Karen recognised us.  What an amazing thing that was.  We first met Karen and Greg a year and a half ago at Abiquiu Lake in New Mexico.  It is such a blast to run into friends along the way.

left to right, Joy, Evie and Greg.
Sadly Karen was taking the picture.

View from visitor center across the valley.

The flowers are almost here.

Soon, very soon.

We have finished all of our winter project on the car and rv and have left the Yuma area.  Right now we are camped along the Salton Sea and next week we'll go back over to San Diego to cat sit for my daughter.

Evie and Joy

I had a little free time last week and just so you know I don't take myself too seriously I added some color to the back of the rv.  That's my brake cable, for the Honda, hanging on the ladder.  Also that red solo cup sticker in the upper right side of the window shows that I'm a member of a facebook group for solo women travelers. 

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  1. It has happened just twice that someone recognized me from reading the blog. It is such a thrill isn't it?