Sunday, February 5, 2017

Some Interesting Things We've Seen Lately

We spent a week over in Casa Grande, AZ.  We had passed through there last Oct. and had paid for 4 nights at an rv park but it was so darn hot that we left after only one night, but the manager said to remind them of that the next time we came through and they would give us our other 3 nights. So that's what we did and we ended up staying a whole week.   After a couple of months parked out in the desert sometimes it's nice to be in a park with lots of water and electricity too.  Then it's time to vacuum and wash everything inside. 

On day while driving around the Casa Grande area we came across this building.  We could see it way off in the distance and could see that it was something to see more up close, so off we went.

It's a skydiving school.

On our way back to the Yuma area we stopped off in Bouse, AZ for friday night all you can eat fish and chips at the local cafe.  Went there last year with the boondockers group and never forgot about it.  Yummm

While driving around the countryside there's always something interesting to see, whether we're in a town or out in the desert.  Saw this truck in Yuma, the other day, with a bumper sticker from my hometown in northern California.

See you down the road.

Evie and Joy

Here's a picture of my daughter, holding up her sign, marching in the Women's march in San Diego in January.

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  1. I do enjoy your heading photo.
    That's the only way I could 'skydive'. No way I could jump out of a plane unless it were on fire and missing a wing.
    Fish and chips....yum. Now you made me hungry.
    The RV looks fantastic. All shiny and sparkling.
    Thanks for the photos.
    Glad to see your daughter is a 'right on' woman like her mom and grandma.
    We're in a period of rain. That's a good thing.
    All is well with me and Ms Sweet Mama....well, if you don't count the water under my floor near the washing machine.