Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mesa Verde, Colorado

Mesa Verde National Park is in the southwest corner of Colorado.  To read all about it click here. We stayed at the campground in the park for three days, without any internet.  Boy is that hard for me because I rely on the web to keep in touch with friends and family.  Those were three long days. I'm just going to give you a few pictures to look at, the first two are from the internet.  The day we were there it was hazy and not the best picture taking light. To get to most of the ruins one needs to hike down the mountainside but we found some that even mom could get to.

 Cliff Palace dwellings

A blurry Square Tower

These ruins were easy for us to get to, so mom and I walked around them.

Some preservation going on here.  

There are a few plants blooming.  Not sure what this is.

A word about the campground and camping in the park.  First of all even though Mesa Verde is a National Park it is now run by the ARAMARK corp. and I don't think they are doing a very good job of it.  The campground was very unkempt, tall grass all around and generally not looking very nice.  Now for my next complaint,  There are 435 camping sites and the weekend we were there, there were maybe 50 campers.  That leaves a lot of empty sites. Why then do people find it necessary to park next to me with their monster 5th wheel and put their generator right next to my bedroom window? Really?  Good thing my house is on wheels and we can move somewhere else, but really.

Evie and Joy.

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  1. Noisy neighbors in a mostly empty campground is proof that not everyone is conscienscious.