Monday, May 23, 2016

Gooseneck State Park, Utah

On our way to Gooseneck SP, Utah, this highway goes on to Monument Valley which we will do in a few days.  That's Monument Valley way over there,  I used my big camera with its 40X zoom for this shot.

Gooseneck State Park, that's the beautiful San Juan River down there.

I was standing about 20 feet in front of the rv for the picture above this one.


Sunset and moon.

This tour bus pulled in around dinner time and I thought it was a little late to be out looking around.  The next time I looked out they were all set up for camping and fixing dinner.  It is a Green Tortoise Adventure tour.

A whole line of small tents set up for the night.

Evie and Joy

These are blooming all over the area.

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