Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hovenweep, Utah

From Mesa Verde we drove west to Hovenweep National Monument.  On the way we passed through Ismay, CO.

All that's left of Ismay, CO.

And we passed a herd of wild horses.

You can see they weren't to afraid of us.
  You see that momma pinto (a "pinto" is a horse with colored spots on a white background)
 with her baby behind of this fellow?

This is the best picture I got of them, very unusual color.
Sorry I had to crop most of this picture but see how cute that baby is.

Grey pinto with dark face and tail with brown and white baby.

Spring wildflowers along the road.

Two Round Towers

The Canyon Roses were in full bloom and the air was sweet with their perfume. 

A member of the penstamin family.

Next post will be about what happened after we settled into the Hovenweep campground.

Evie and Joy

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  1. Willie Mays (😽) likes the grey pinto the best.