Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ehrenberg, Arizona

After our friends, Norm and Diane, left we spent another week in Yuma getting some things done. I've been feeling a vibration in the front end of the rv and decided to get the front end aligned and the tires rebalanced.  Got those things done thursday and that seems to have solved the problem.  Next thing on my list was to buy myself a new mattress.  So earlier in the week I had ordered a new mattress.  For the last two years I have been sleeping on the original mattress from 2001.  We picked the new mattress up on thursday afternoon and I'm happy to report that the new mattress is much better.

On friday we left that rv park in town and moved back out to our favorite spot off American Girl Mine Rd. and stayed there 3 nights.  Our friend Bette and her friend Beverly drove their rv's out and spent 2 nights with us.  On monday morning we all left, we went up to Ehrenberg where the boondockers had moved to after Christmas and Bette went up to Quartzsite and I don't remember where Beverly was off to.

So for the last two nights we have been hanging with the boondockers, as you might remember, boondocking means to park someplace where there are no services like water or electricity or sewer. We all have solar panels and carry our own fresh water and have holding tanks to hold our waste water. Tomorrow my friend DeDe and I will drive into Quartzsite to look around and do some shopping.

Quartzsite, AZ is the mother of all rv get togethers.  In January of each year venders from all over the country arrive there and proceed to sell everything and anything you might need or want. Not just rv things but anything.

If you look carefully, in the background you can see the 
Click on the link to read about them.

My friend DeDe gave me these horse stall mat pieces to put under my leveling jacks to keep the jacks from sinking into the sand and gravel.  They are a marvel, working much better that those orange plastic things sold for the same purpose.

We followed the Escapee Boondockers from American Girl Mine Rd. to Ehrenberg.

Two pictures of last nights sunset.

The Colorado River near Ehrenberg, AZ.

The last picture today is of RVSue"s camp down the road from us.  RVSue is a fellow blogger that I started reading long before we bought our rv.  Sue has been living on the road way longer that mom and me and her blog is filled with useful information. She was such an inspiration for me.

Sue's little Casita and van.

Until next time.

Evie and Joy


  1. Cheers for the RV Sue sighting. She was one of my first blogs too. The boondocking sounds wonderful. Very frigid here in NNM.

  2. We arrived in Q yesterday, I'll keep an eye peeled for you tomorrow. Big tent not open yet.

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  4. One of the things that I like to do in my RV is to park in the middle of nowhere. The first few times were scary, but once we saw that we had everything we needed with us, it was one of the most peaceful trips I have ever taken. Thank you for posting this.