Tuesday, December 29, 2015

In The Desert, Wind = Sand Storm

Our parking spot in the desert off Sidewinder Rd.

The wind started to blow early on Dec. 26 and didn't stop till the evening of the 28th.  It was blowing steady at about 20-30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph.  We didn't sleep the first night but caught up with sleep during the day of the 27th while the rv rocked.  We were able to sleep the second night as during the day I moved the car to block some of the wind.  Normally we would put the nose of the rv into the wind but by the time it started to blow and we could tell which direction it was coming from, it was too late.  It was hitting us at the back corner, not broadside thank goodness.  

Sun getting low in the dust filled sky.

I stuffed kleenex around the windows to try 
to keep some of the desert sand out.

But some still managed to find its way in.  What a mess.

This happened while we were parked with the Boondockers.  We had postponed our Christmas potluck till monday afternoon which was a good thing as by monday the wind had stopped completely and it was warm again.  There were about 40 people at our potluck and everything was delicious.   Sorry I didn't get any pictures of our gathering.

This is how I do most of our baking.  If it will fit in my Coleman camp oven it goes in.  If it is too big to fit it goes into the bigger oven.  The camp oven uses much less propane to warm and cook things.
Here are our Christmas morning cinnamon rolls.

Some friends from Northern California, Norm and Diane, who went to their daughter in Tucson, AZ for Christmas, stopped by to visit and spent some time with us.  They like to fish so on monday after our potluck with the Boondockers we moved our rv back over to Mittry Lake, meeting up with them at the casino along the way, and they followed us in.

Here's our camp at the lake.  They have this cute pop-up camper.

Norm and Diane fishing on a very calm lake with Pepper the dog.

This crappie was caught by a fisherman this morning 
while we were talking to him, he had a bucket of them. 

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in a few days.  And as always, thank you for using my Amazon link for your Amazon orders.


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  1. Met you and Joy and other Escapee Boondockers off Ogilby/Sidewinder at my first RV event, and again at the KOFA KO-OP Retreat! Looking forward to more adventures and following your wonderful blog. You've inspired me to start a blog, still working on my first post.