Saturday, January 23, 2016

Quartzsite, AZ

After leaving the Borrego Springs area we headed east towards Quartzsite (Q) AZ.  We met up with the Boondockers again, north of Q in a large area of free BLM land, the best kind.  We parked near DeDe and the next day our friend Bette joined us too.  The first day here DeDe and I went into town to the Big Tent to join up with hundreds of others looking and shopping for rv related things.

Inside the big tent, where we got there early, before the big crowds.

It's much like a county fair with a big tent filled with vendors selling stuff.  I'm happy to report that both DeDe and I got out of there without spending any money, always a good thing.  But the tent isn't the only place where things are for sale.  Outside there are miles of vendors selling everything from rv related things to everything else under the sun.

In the old days I would have at least touched most of these things, and bought some.  
Not anymore, now I can look and not buy.

Coming to Q was a hard decision that I had been going back and forth on for weeks.  Thousands of rvers and non rvers come for the week of the tent show and that equals lots of traffic and people which aren't really our thing but since the boondockers were here we decided to come here at least once.  

We will be parting ways with the boondockers now as we will be heading up towards Las Vegas area for a week to visit family.  Then we'll venture back south to Yuma where it's warmer.

Evie and Joy

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  1. I may need to work up my Q mojo - it hasn't called to me for a long time.