Sunday, August 30, 2015

North of Albuquerque

For the past week we have been staying outside Albuquerque taking care of business.  We've gotten the oil changed in the Honda, gotten my haircut and also a pedicure.  It is warmer here that we like so we have been using our air conditioning a fair amount, good thing it works well.  I also have had the time to do a couple of DIY projects.  

The first project was cutting some camo screen I bought at Walmart.  Swandie Wheels had made screens for her van with this netting so I bought some myself.  Since I don't have access to a sewing machine I just cut it and hung it up using little "command hooks".  Although my windows are tinted having the screen gives a little more privacy.

The other project was to hang two 'flip up' tables in my bedroom, one on each side of the bed.  Sorry these pictures aren't better but you can see this table in the down position and the piece of screen hanging on the inside of the window.  I had to buy better scissors and will be trimming the screen even across the bottom, soon.  At the top of the first photo you can see my curtain rolled up and clipped to the side.  You can also see outside the enclosure around our picnic table, and the front of the Honda.

This is why I installed these little tables.  To can now put my fan on them.  Do you see those two pieces of white tape above the window.  Those are pieces of Command velcro strips that I use to hold a panel of Reflectix window insulation that I hang up when it is hot, to keep the sun out.  I just use one panel and move it from one side to the other when needed.  

While I was typing this I looked outside and there was a Roadrunner bird on the hood of the car looking at a plastic snake we have on our dashboard.  Can you see him?

Tomorrow we move from this campground which is on the north side of ABQ and go to the south side of ABQ.  I'm have some dental surgery on tuesday and my cousin will be taking me and she lives south of ABQ so our move will make it easier for her to pick up and return me to the rv.  Later next week we will come back to this campground.  This cg is run by the city of Bernalillo, it is very inexpensive $20 a night vers $35 for the cg on the south end of town.  And this one is further from the freeway so it's nice and quiet.  

Catch up with you later.



  1. Great shot of the roadrunner! I like your tables.

  2. Roadrunner on your car!!! What a delight that would be seeing one that closely.
    The folding tables are totally ingenious.
    For more heat control, try hanging shade cloth/curtains on the outside....Velcro? They block the sun from ever heating the window. Worked very well when I lived in Geezerville.
    Attractive picnic table enclosure. Good to see some folks are bringing such function and beauty together these days.
    Great to hear your surgery went so well.
    Happy Trails